Session 2 Log

Events that happened:
After leaving Ella’s place, Arthur, Sacha, Endry, and Ari encountered an old woman being mugged in an alley. Defeating her assailants, they found her to be mortally wounded. However, they saved a weird gray faceless baby from her.

On investigating the rosaries from her body, they found that her name was Sister Belle. She had been working for the Ebelton Abbey as a volunteer taking care of pregnant girls. She ran off a few weeks ago. The Abbey had received a note from someone from Westshore Isle that predicted the strange birth of a baby. The letter claimed that the baby was part of the mystery of the descendants.

Sister Belle’s last words:
“Keep them safe from the King.”
“Westshore Isle.”

The child was born to a normal girl who died during birth. The head of the Abbey, Sister Fara, claimed that Belle ran away to escape her husband who did mysterious bad things. This was caught as a lie.

Endry found some stuff on a dude’s body and took off in search of others from his world.
Ari, Arthur, and Sacha decided to go check out the husband’s butcher shop (Meat Mayhem, in the Meat District, on Butcher’s Row). Ari is hanging with the baby.


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